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International Year of Volunteers (IYV)

In 1997, the UN General Assembly, convinced that the need for volunteer effort was greater than ever and that a year designed to enhance the recognition, facilitation, networking and promotion of volunteer service could make a significant contribution to generating increased awareness of the achievements and further potential of volunteerism, proclaimed 2001 as the 'IYV'. IYV provided a valuable framework and a favorable environment for the growth of volunteer contributions locally and worldwide.

To celebrate IYV, Agency for Volunteer Service (AVS) in conjunction with the government, the business, media, professional bodies and non-profit organizations, set up the IYV Steering Committee in July 2000. The Committee being the very first IYV City Committee established in the world, drew up strategies and plans, as well as organized and facilitated celebration activities, placing Hong Kong in the international league to promote volunteerism.

10th Anniversary of International Year of Volunteers (IYV+10)

As a follow-up to 2001 International Year of Volunteers, the United Nations General Assembly designated 2011 as the 10th Anniversary of IYV (IYV+10), to promote greater global recognition of the contribution of volunteerism to society and to achieve peace and development. The IYV+10 Steering Committee composed of 21 member organizations was formed to liaise, coordinate and carry out the celebration activities in Hong Kong.